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We offer timely delivery of products to all regions regardless of party orders.

Our Products

   The purpose of creating Ltd “Alcore” is the need of the Ukrainian market for quality cases with a spiral winding of great proficiency. Professional personnel, group of managers, high quality equipment, promoted the development of our enterprise and lead it to the tops in the sphere of case production. We save on raw materials for production, adhere to all technological processes, and specially pay much attention to the output product control. In the production of cases we use high quality foreign glues, and also special cardboard cases of foreign manufacturers. That is why we offer you the best product on the Ukrainian market.

__ At the present, we offer cases for winding cardboard, paper, foil, threads, hemp, linoleum, labels, various films, tape and other roll materials. Products are eco-friendly and recyclable. This allows to use it in food industries, especially for packaging potato chips, tea, salt, soda and so on. The case is packed in a europackage, which ensures proper transportation.

The company offers cardboard cases with a spiral winding for food, textile, poligraphy, chemical and metallurgy industries...More>>

Cardboard angle bar is designed to provide protection of our client’s products from mechanical damage. Angle bars are of prime importance when it comes to packaging delivery for the consumer....More>>
клей ПВА

Adhesives for woodworking and furniture industry

Our company is an official distributor of "EOC GROUP". We personally and our cus use of adhesives manufacturer ...